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Not a fan of traditional music services or players? You want to listen to music that lets you be focused and this Music Player is just what you need for the job. A customized music playlist lets you play your songs the way you want, any way you want. Search for your favorite artist and play the song immediately or add it to a playlist for later. Over 15 music styles to scan for new artists you haven’t heard or find old favorites. Check out this music songs player for your browser and get the beats where they belong! We’re working on new options and developments so watch for new features soon including a browser app. Music Songs Player - Bringing the Music and the Moment to you when you want it, where you want it. Instructions To Use The App: The Music Song Player app offers its users several ways of choosing their music to play. You can either type the song you desire on the search bar and hit the search button or either you could choose from the list of Top artists, tracks or by the genre. The choice is yours! Add your beautiful tracks that come across as you explore the collection to My Playlist. The music player functions are inclusive of play/stop, pause, previous and next buttons. Share your favourite music tracks on facebook for your friends to listen. Your customised playlist is just a click away. Listen to your favourite tracks over and over again without any hassle. Watch video clips, listen to random picks; all your music needs are simply a few clicks away. Get to know well the stars in the world of music by checking the artist Info section