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A band named Queen

Have you heard of a rock band name Queen?! Yes that is there band name. They were formed in 1970 at London. A British rock band that was consisted originally by Freddie Mercury who is the lead vocals and plays piano, John Deacon who plays the bass guitar, Brian May who is vocals and plays guitar and also another vocal is Roger Taylor who plays the drum. There previous works were more on hard rock, heavy metal and progressive rock. But in the long run they ventures to other styles in their music like pop rock and arena rock. As the years went by some of the members retired but still the band continue to share their love for music. Among the famous and until now popular even it been a long since it was released is We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust, Somebody to Love, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and many more. Some of their song like We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions can hear during sports events or any movies or stage plays that with a theme of sports. Sometimes also used in cheering events. Imagine that they started in 1970 and until now they do some special apperance to different shows and also still plays and rock the stage. And till now there songs are still well known even to the young ones. Some of their music still catches the attention of the young ones. Even in their age no offence but still they do know how to rock and still do their game.