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Have you listen to some K-pop music? If you do I guess you will know how catchy their music is even you do not understand the words they are saying. If you have not I guess you been living in a cave because there are K-pop stars that already famous all over the world. K-pop is the abbreviation for Korean Pop where the music originated at South Korea. They have different genre that you will surely even you do not understand it such as hip-hop music, R&B, dace pop, electronic, pop ballad, rock and metal. As of today there music cannot only be heard in their own country but also to other country as well. A K-pop star name that you will surely know is PSY. He became famous and his song Gangnam Style was a hit all over the world even the Americans dance along the song. He and his music had gathered numerous awards. Aside from him another k-pop name or let us say group that is also famous is the Big Bang and 2ne1 where them and PSY have the same music label, Super Junior, Girls Generations ad more. Some of this K-pop stars had already did some special appearance in some of the shows outside their own country. Like for example the girl group 2ne1 they had already did a special guest appearance and performed a number at America’s Next Top Model Season 21 where they performed Crush on stage. If you have seen it you will see how the audience enjoys their performance.