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Latin American Music

The influence of Latin American music has been known all over the world wherein not only it is well known in Latin country. Even if you are not a Latin American you will surely loved their music. Once you listen to one you surely want to listen more. As you can see this type of music has a different kind of styles such as rumba, salsa, tango, samba, son, meringue and more. But around 20th century as you can see and hear it was already influenced by the United States music having a rock, reggaeton, jazz and Latin pop. There are a lot of Latinos now that had conquered different country and are famous not only in the music industry but also they venture in acting. Among the Latinos that are very famous is Jennifer Lopez. If you ask people if they knew her I bet that will say yes. Not only she is a great actress but also a great singer. Since she did the Selena move where she portray as Selena not only her acting skill was shown but also her singing and dancing skills. Among other Latinos that are famous are Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, Mark Anthony and the late Selena. There are more to mention. Even if you do not understand their language you will still loved their music because of the incredible and captivating beat. If the music is in an upbeat one you will loved to dance along it and sometimes there are music that you feel sexy. There are also others that you will feel emotional and love to listen and sound smoothing in the ear as if it touches your emotion.